Join our interactive LIVE workshops online for a fun night of crafting and sewing right from your home.

**NOTE, you will need a few basic tools for these workshops (scissors, ruler) including an awl. We recommend checking the sewing section of your local craft store or ordering this one:

As businesses open throughout Utah, you can join us locally where you can order some delish drinks and snacks while we walk you through sewing together a leather journal which you can personalize on the spot!

We offer a variety of creative options from the classic rustic leather, maps interleaved, our patch style journals, to colorful leathers with floral and other  matching papers interleaved. They'll be offered at various times and places so, check the photos and descriptions for your fave, grab a friend, and reserve your spots!  We bring assorted items to continue embellishing... stamps, ink spray, charms, and scrapbook paper. It's a good time!

Attendees will learn the long stitch binding method in these workshops, and you can choose between blank, lined or dot (bullet journal) cream colored 60lb paper. We will tear the edges for the old fashioned deckled style edge, then fold, punch, and stitch our papers into pre-punched covers.