7x5 "The Mountains Are Calling" Patch - Map Style Travel Journal

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John Muir knew the power of the outdoors, the mountains, nature, and everything we experience surrounded by their might. Be ready for inspiration and creativity to hit when on the trails with this packed away, sturdy and rugged enough for any trail.

Suitable for journaling, sketching, most pen and art work, bullet journaling, 4x6 and polaroid photos. Choose from blank, lined, or dot paper with deckled page edges.

Patch is hand stamped and hand sewn along with the hand bound pages, and 16 map pages are interleaved throughout the off white pages.

This journal is hand bound and measures 7 x 4.75 x 1.25.

256 pages (front and back) of acid free 60lb paper bound with a long stitch. The smooth calfskin is heavy enough to last a lifetime and be refilled again and again.

Our journals can be refilled through us for $14.00, the full color step-by-step instructions can be purchased for $1.99 or they can be refilled by you through one of our local or online workshops. Video tutorial coming soon!